WHP- An excellent blend of tradition and modernity

The consumption of gold in India is very significant and the increasing number of jewelry brands in this sector is quite a testimony to this. Due to the increasing number of brands the competition and the challenges for jewelers have consistently increased. Jewelers have realized that there is no way forward other than providing an absolute quality of product and service. Even a small compromise with the purity of gold, designs, collections and customer satisfaction can push them far from being a successful brand. There are few leading brands such as Waman Hari Pethe who have set an example of great management to establish a leading position in the jewelry industry.

Waman Hari Pethe- the brand

Two Maharashtrian brothers Ganesh Hari Pethe and Waman Hari Pethe had come up with the idea of opening a jewelry showroom in 1909. Firstly, they opened their showroom at Girgaon, Mumbai. Further, in 1960, Shreedhar Ganesh Pethe opened a new showroom at Dadar and in 1996 SubodhSuhasPethe has expanded the boundary of WHP at Thane. Since 2003 SubodhSuhasPethe is independently conducting business at theThane showroom and renamed it WamanHeriPethe Sons (WHPS). With vision par excellence and the understanding of the importance of expansion of boundaries, WHP has opened around 21 showrooms all over the Maharastra, Madhya Pradesh, and Goa. Their rigorous hard work, commitment, and transparent trade practices made them gain word of mouth fame and a huge success.

Variety of jewelry at Waman Hari Pethe showrooms

Whether you are man or women, Child or adult, rich or less rich, gold lover or diamond lover,

seeking for heavy jewelry or lightweight jewelry, WHP showrooms’ collection will never let you disappoint. At any moment even if you feel that the collections of showroom do not exactly have the stuff you want you can refer their catalogs of design and order them to make designs of your choice. Let’s discuss some variety of jewelry available at WHP showrooms:

  1. Gold chains: If you want to go for gold chain Women Hari Pethe has a wide range of

varieties. You will find a sleek cylindrical shape, horizontal bullet shape, Cuban link, thin plated link, etc. They offer a smooth surfaced and highly crafted gold chain of the latest as well as traditional designs. Both men and women get mesmerized by WHP jewelry’s collections.

  1. Earrings: Gold earing have always been worn by Indian women and sometimes men too. Indians have a very old tradition to get gold earrings for their children at a very early age. WHP stores have a wide range of gold earrings from jhumkas, daily wear studs and the dazzling danglers. You can also find a flower-shaped and earrings embedded with stones too.
  2. Rings: Gold ring always add value to your look. It always considered as a perfect option to gift someone. When it comes to the variety of rings WHP has a diverse collection of rings. They provide variety in width of band, the thickness of the band and embedded gemstones. The WHP gold rings design varies from plain ring type to complex detailed crafted rings. WHP website is best to explore endearing and lovely gold rings.
  3. Mangalsutra collections: Out of all adorned ornaments, mangalsutra is culturally important for a married woman. It symbolizes the marital status of a woman. WHP has a wide range of mangalsutra. Mangal sutra could be long, very short i.e. close to your neck and/or of medium length that reaches to the chest. It consists of a chain and pendant. The chain could be a series of black and golden beads or can be a series of only black beads. The pendent of the mangal sutra also has many varieties like a tiny pendant, bowl-like pendant, very heavy pendant, gold pendant or diamond pendant. Any woman can get the customized pendant as per their choice and preferences.
  4. Men’s jewelry: WHP offers a wide range of men’s accessories like men’s rings and bracelets. Men generally prefer to wear a ring of the thick band. A ring with multiple tiny diamonds, big solitaries or colorful gemstones WHP has all possible varieties of the ring. If you want customized jewelry, WHP is always ready to help you get the best-personalized jewelry that aid to make a statement
  5. Bracelet and bangles collections: Bangles are referred to as Kangan by Indian women. Women usually love to wear a row of similar bangel on both of their wrists. WHP has an astonishing eye sparkling collections of bracelets and bangles. Bangles are typically seen in circular form sometimes it comes with embedded stones and detailed crafting that catch everyone’s attention. WHP has a heavyweight, lightweight, party wear, daily wear and almost all kind of ethnic and modern patterns of bangles. WHP also offers adjustable bracelet for men that give them a sense of pride and statesmanship.
  6. Gold coins: Investing in gold has always been considered a safe and profitable venture in the long run. But it is very important to get assured about the purity of the coins we purchase. WHP offers the high purity i.e. 24K of gold coins. WHP offers a range of weight like 0.5 gm, 1 gm, 2 gm, 5 gm and 10 gm depending on your budget. With a reputed brand like WHP, you can trust the purity, authenticity, and quality of the yellow metal.


WHP sons are not only known for traditional jewelry but modern designs as well. With its committed and skilled team of professionals, it has expanded it’s brand’s reachability from retail clients to corporate companies also. Waman Hari Pethe jewelry is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. This is the reason why not only women but also men are also getting attracted to this brand. Some varieties of men’s jewelry like Waman Hari Pethe men’s chain designs, bracelet designs, ring design are very popular among the men’s fraternity. Day by day WHP is setting new standards in the industry and making a lasting impression among the customers, as well.