Useful Tips for a Secure WordPress Database Management

Useful Tips for a Secure WordPress Database Management

Managing database for WordPress websites is a critical process, and every website owner wants optimum database security. WordPress is a largely used open-source platform for website building and getting the customer to your online business. However, it has some drawbacks. When it comes to the major WordPress drawbacks, users would generally highlight two basic issues. The first problem is the speed. Sometimes, it becomes slow to load, especially when there are so many web pages attached to the website. The other concern is security. Speed can be optimized to some extent by taking a few simple measures. However, in this article, we shall mainly discuss optimization of the security of WordPress websites.

So, how to enhance database security for the WordPress websites? In the following section, a few tips are discussed. These tips will help you perfectly to deal with the process of optimization of security of your WordPress website.

Make Proper Use of DB Dumps

The database is an important part of your WordPress website, and thus, you need to set up a proper data backup mechanism so that there is no threat of losing data. Commonly, people copy the WordPress files in their backup drives. However, this method is not the best thing to do. There are a lot of problems with this practice. For attaining the best practice for database backup for your WordPress website, you need to learn about database dump files. These files come in plain text format, and thus it becomes easier to be managed as well as modified. You can easily modify them, as per your requirements. These files can be uploaded to any MySQL database or MariaDB database. You need to use tools and commands for the backup of data at any time you want. This is considered as a practical approach for database management as well as backup.

Learn the WP-CLI DB Commands

To enhance the security of your WordPress database, you need to learn a few commands. Even if you are not a professional web developer, you must know a few commands for better management of your website. It will eventually help your website to flourish and gain better safety from hacking or phishing. One command that you must know is the WP-CLI. There is a complete list of the WP-CLI commands, and having that list is essential. Searching the list on the internet will help. Once you get the list, you can easily learn and understand those commands. Among different commands, some examples can be picked for a better understanding. For example, we can focus on the “wp search-replace –all-tables” command. Every user shall have free SSL certificates automatically installed on their websites. This is how better data security can be ensured with precision.

Using Adminer to Browse Full Database

To browse the full database, one can use Adminer. If you are not accustomed to this term, you need to read this section further to learn about it. Adminer is considered as a secure alternative to PhpMyAdmin. It comes with a single PHP file, and it additionally serves a graphical interface for better database management. Due to the graphical interface, it becomes easier to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the database of your WordPress website. So, having Adminer can help the WordPress website owners a lot in terms of tightening the database security of their website.

Understanding Autoload and wp_options

If you are using a WordPress based website, then you must learn about the autoload. This will help you to optimize the speed of your WordPress website to a large extent. Nevertheless, it can ensure better data safety on your website. At the time of page loading, WordPress runs the following query:

SELECT * FROM wp_options WHERE autoload = ‘yes’

When you have wp_options table bigger than 1 MB in terms of data size, the query will take time to load. To make things a little faster, you need to clean up the wp_options table. You need to omit the unnecessary data as much as possible. This will help you perfectly to manage your database with perfection. Sometimes, the query starts malfunctioning due to some plug-ins. You need to report those plug-ins so that developers of those plug-ins can fix the bugs.

Learn about SQL Database Platform

When you wish to have a WordPress based website or blog, you need to learn basic SQL for seamless database management. The WordPress database structure is based on the SQL database, and thus learning this database framework is important. Different SQL commands are there. You should have a proper conception of using those commands. Use of the right command at the right place will make database performance faster, and also it will protect the database from any glitches. Errors in commands will result in bugs and scripting issues. As a result, the database would not function properly. Using the right command is also important for the security of the SQL database. So, you need to understand the standardized method of using different SQL commands. Get in touch with to know more about SQL database platform.

Do Not Use SQL Directly

At this point, you must have become confused, as, in the above section, the importance of learning SQL database commands is discussed. Now, it is stated that you should not use the SQL directly on your WordPress website. Instead of using SQL, it is always useful to use the PHP for the basics and wp_query class for the advanced cases. You must understand this basic thing for better database management. It will help the queries to get processed faster. It will help you to deal with the database management process in a more seamless manner.

Database Server Configuration

The most important thing is the database server configuration of the WordPress website. Database server configuration will help you to manage data in a more organized way. As a result, it will ensure data safety at a high level. Staying organized and properly aligned with the best industry practices of database management will add excellent security to your database server for the WordPress website.

To learn more, you need to learn about different aspects of database planning as well as management with more perfection.