What is a Binary Options Broker: A Complete Knowledge?

Binary options brokers in the US are regulated by government authorities. So, there should not be any surprise on the part of clients when they hire a broker to represent them. Brokers often have access to privileged information and they play a big role in the forex trading market. They are considered as gateways to the forex trading market and forex brokers accept US clients. It simply means that the particular broker has been successfully working prudently for some time.

Trading Platforms:

The fast-moving world of binary options trading is no different from the online forex trading platforms. The forex brokers accept US clients so that they can execute the transactions instantly and conveniently. They provide expert advice and let clients take their decisions confidently. When the direction of the underlying asset or currency is in favor of the investor, the broker earns his commission. If the trader decides against his anticipation, then the trader loses the invested amount. As in the online forex trading platforms, the forex brokers have a set limit within which the loss cannot exceed that certain limit.

The forex brokers also provide help on choosing entry points, selling points, and exit points. Each of them has its platform. US traders can use any one of them. For example, some brokers allow trading in one hour, two hours, four hours, eight hours, and twenty-four hours but only those who trade regularly should opt for such options. If traders trade frequently, then it is better to stick to the regular forex trading platform. Short-term traders, on the other hand, can go for the short-term platform, as the expiry times are shorter.

IQcent Platform:

Many traders use the IQcent platform as they find it easy to execute the transactions. The trading is done after depositing a small amount of money as a start-up deposit. After the completion of the entire transaction, the trader needs to deposit a further amount of money as a stop-loss amount. The benefits of this kind of forex trading are that there are very low transaction costs, a high IQcent rate, and faster execution.

Regulated Commission:

All the best binary options brokers have a regulated exchange commission. The regulated commission ensures that no money exchanged hands is fraudulent. Also, the brokers are regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission or CFTC. These brokers are not allowed to charge extra money by the customer by misleading him.

Trading Styles:

The brokers have different trading styles. Some of them offer trading in two distinct phases namely short-term and long-term trading. One of the best that allows traders to execute two distinct kinds of trades. They make trades in currency pairs EUR/USD/JPY for their customers on two distinct occasions.

The other trading styles available for the binary options brokers are swing trading and combination trading. The swing traders buy options intending to sell them when the price rises. They get a profit from the option that expires at a certain price before the expiry times.

In combination binary options trading, the trader buys an option at a specific time and then sells it when the time expires. There are no profit and loss involved in this type of trade. Binary options brokers give traders good opportunities to earn money. They help the traders to execute trades smoothly without any loss. Traders can use the trading platforms to execute their transactions.


Before a trader executes a trade using the binary options broker, he should make a deposit. The deposit usually varies between a few dollars and several tens of dollars depending upon the broker. In some brokers, the deposit is only for the first transaction while for others, the deposit continues until the end of the period.

There is another type of binary trading platform available in the market. This trading platform is called the index. With the help of nadex, the traders can make deposits as low as 0.2 per cent. However, this feature of the nadex limits the chances of large profits to a maximum. However, if a trader has a high winning streak, he can increase his deposit and make bigger profits.

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