Gift Ideas for Marking a Special Occasion

Gifting is a tricky thing to get right at the best of times. Those closest to us are often the hardest to buy for, and they are certainly the ones we want to make feel special the most. One arena where gifting can be particularly fraught is during a special occasion. For a 30th birthday, a special anniversary, or a landmark Christmas together, giving gifts is both a time-honored tradition and an incredibly tough exercise in perusing your relationship for clues.

For the best in gifting during this holiday season, it’s best to look at trending items and some gift ideas that never go out of style at the same time. Giving gifts that come from the heart is important. With this guide in mind, start thinking about how you can make your loved one feel special with your next great gift.

Jewelry is always in style

Whether your loved one is crazy about bracelets or collects earrings in a variety of different styles and metal types, there is a piece of jewelry out there that will complement their collection perfectly. From best sellers to vintage gear, jewelry options come in a huge selection, providing you with ample opportunity to pick out a winner that will surely excite that special someone in your life. Many people love the addition of ear fashion to their daily lineup, and going with something simple and elegant is always a good option.

Giving your loved one something that they can wear every day will allow them to be reminded of you each time they leave the house to go to work or out for an afternoon with friends on the weekend. No matter what the occasion, an elegant, simple design is a great place to start when picking out a new hoop or stud earring.

Another option, going in the completely opposite direction, admittedly, is a more extravagant statement piece. Many jewelry collectors already have a wide selection of everyday wear and are on the hunt for bolder options that they can work in on those extra-special date nights and other occasions. Adding a colored gemstone piece or a ring with a beautifully cut stone can provide that spark that your loved one may be looking for when building an outfit.

Consider a memento-type gift

Another direction that many people go in when selecting the perfect gift to mark a special occasion is in the form of a picture. Pictures make for excellent gifting, and when presented in a beautiful format, they can really put a special occasion over the top for your loved one. Pictures printed on high-quality canvas or wood offer durability and that blend of simple and special that many people are looking for. Likewise, creating custom cards offers an easy way to incorporate this idea into your gift-giving, even if you choose to get something else in the end (for instance, a new jewelry piece).

These are a great way to mark a special time in your life together. Pictures capture moments, but they also help you to remember feelings and think about where you were, and where you’ve come along the way. Perhaps that’s why so many people turn to these nostalgia-inducing options when thinking about a special gift item for the people they care most about.

Gift-giving is a special event for many people. Whether you’re hoping to make Christmas a bit brighter this year or you have a special day in your relationship coming up fast, these gift ideas offer unique options that can really make a lasting impact on your loved one.

Olivia Wilson

Olivia Wilson is a digital nomad and founder of Todays Past. She travels the world while freelancing & blogging. She has over 5 years of experience in the field with multiple awards. She enjoys pie, as should all right-thinking people.