Modern intercoms – perfect security for every building

Today, it is modern technologies that provide the highest level of protection. Intercoms are often considered obsolete, but modern security intercoms have introduced completely new standards, which until recently were only a vision of the future. Why are modern intercoms so popular today and what brand is the best?

Excellent picture and sound, and modern technologies – the secret of security intercoms

Many people associate intercoms mainly with poor sound quality. This is due to the fact that old devices from the 20th century were not developed enough to provide high enough quality. Today, thanks to innovative solutions, security intercoms are multimedia devices which transmit crystal-clear sound and video. Today’s video door communicators provide effective access control to buildings such as:

• company headquarters,
• office buildings,
• government buildings,
• hospitals,
• hotels, etc.

Thanks to advanced parameters, security intercoms are a great way to expand the entire security system. Intercoms from 2N stand out due to their excellent parameters. They are equipped with a touch screen and an HD camera which records high definition video. What’s more, intercoms from 2N also have a Night Vision option, which allows to observe visitors at the door even in complete darkness. The built-in Bluetooth technology provides very easy and quick access for all those who are authorized.

Why is it worth choosing 2N products?

When looking for security intercoms, look for devices by 2N. This Czech manufacturer of innovative electronic devices is known for its reliable products of European quality. Thanks to being for more than 20 years on the market, 2N has extensive experience in the design and production of devices. 2N products are known for their reliability, which is why 2N video doors communicators are extremely popular.

If you are looking for excellent quality, do not hesitate to choose 2N.