Free Services That You Integrate With Your Free Wedding Gift Registry

Modern wedding gift registry services nowadays are not limited to only setting up your dream wishlist to be shared among friends and family but also come with a host of other associated services most of which could be used for free by couples. Here’s a look at some of the popular complementary services that could be beneficial for both the couples and their guests in planning a wedding

Wedding Website

A wedding website to go with a wedding gift registry is the perfect way to provide guests details about the wedding date & venue, the ceremonies and the couple can even share a short story in the form of photos about their journey together with the timelines. Gift registry services also provide a variety of ready-to-use wedding website templates for free as per the tastes and preferences of the couples. All this makes it a very tempting proposition for any new age couple.

Budget Planner:

when planning an event we need to take care of all sorts of things from, tables to chairs and their linen chair covers, etc… which sometimes results in overspending.  If you are wondering how to keep a tab on your wedding expenses, then worry no more. Of late, some wedding gift registry services have been providing a free wedding budget planning tool that helps you to manage, monitor, and record your expenses so that you do not end up overspending. Also, these budget planning tools provide timely reminders about payment due dates and come with a free customization option to add or delete an expense category.

Guest Book:

Gone are the days when guests have to go searching for a perfect gift to give the couple. In this digital era when having a wedding gift registry is the norm, guests can gift anything from the couple’s wishlist along with an option to send a personalized wedding message to the couple. This Guest Book facility will be a collection of wishes in electronic form from the couple’s near and dear ones which they will cherish for the rest of their life. Moreover, guests will also have an option to RSVP and acknowledge their presence for the couple’s special day. This will help the couple to make necessary arrangements for the guests who will be attending their wedding.

Thank You Note:

Often couples feel the need to individually thank the guests who graced their wedding through a personalized thank you note. Wedding gift registry services having understood the need for this essential feature have started giving this free option for all their couples to send an e-thank you message to their guests.

Virtual Weddings:

The present Covid’19 situation and the restrictions imposed on the number of guests who could attend a wedding, is making couples explore different ways by which they could engage all their guests without making anyone feel left out. One such exciting idea is the concept of a virtual wedding which many gift registry services sometimes even offer to host for free. The wedding ceremony is streamed live on the couple’s wedding website for guests to join, socialize, send messages, pictures, and even gift couples something from their wishlist.