Mobility Scooters at a Glance

Mobility scooters are intended to help the elderly and disabled people enjoy the freedom of movement.These devices come with either three or four wheels and work much like a bicycle, using a set of hand-operated control and a set of handlebars.

Electric mobility scooters provide excellent support for both indoor and outdoor activities because they move easily and smoothly over different surfaces. These gadgets are not only reliable and comfortable but are also easy to operate and offer safe use. The best part is that many electric devices are available in portable size so they can easily fit into the trunk of your car.

Mobility scooters are available in different price ranges from leading manufacturers like Sunrise Medical, Pride, and Invacare. Likewise, there are several different styles of these devices which accommodate the needs of different types of users. While mobility scooters happen to be good support for disabled people, they are usually challenged by distances or slopes.

Selecting a mobility scooter requires considering various important factors, and one of which is to find out where do you want to primarily use the scooter. You should also consider how often you will be transporting it in a vehicle. Make sure you are also well aware of any specific seating or accessory requirements.

Mobility Scooters VS Power Wheelchairs

Generally, mobility scooters have four main features that differentiate them from power wheelchairs. They come with a front-wheel placed at the base of the scooter that directs the back wheels to move in a specific direction. You can tilt this arm and lock it to have a comfortable ride.

Moreover, the two thumb levers are given to control both reverse and forward motions.Most of the scooters have a stem-mounted seat which allows you to rotate it from side to side. Lastly, mobility scooters come with a baseboard for a comfortable ride for disabled individuals. It means you can easily and comfortably steer your scooter with its tiller and get adequate arm strength to drive it.

Types of Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters are available in three main types. If you are unaware of the type of the device you need for your specific case, it’s advisable to talk to a mobility expert.

  1. Foldable Mobility Scooters

As the name suggests, these scooters can be folded easily to store in the trunk of your vehicle for transport and then unfolded to be ready for use. Also known as travel scooters, foldable mobility scooters are perfect for individuals who need to travel frequently.

  1. Three-wheel Mobility Scooters

This is a full-featured device with amazing maneuverability. Three-wheeled scooters come with full-size comfort and can be used for both indoor maneuverability and outdoor stability.

  1. Four-wheel Mobility Scooters

Four wheeled scooters have an extensive wheelbase to offer the steadiest platform for mobility.  They provide maximum stability and excellent support for outdoor use.

When it comes to choosing the right mobility equipment for your specific needs, consulting with your physician and a mobility expert is critically important. Doing thisbefore a purchase will help you decide on the right one.