Benefits of Launching Linear Channels on Cloud

OTT Channels

Entertainment makes the world go around, and nobody can imagine their lives without TV nowadays. Since the technology is leaping ahead with blazing speed now, even the consumption of linear channels is undergoing a lot of change. The process of launching linear channels on cloud is increasing in popularity, and in case, you are still wondering about the benefits of the same, here is a little primer for you: –

Meet the World

The whole world and their grandmother are online. The traditional methods of consuming entertainment are alive, yet a large part of the global population is shifting to online channels for various activities, be it shopping or watching channels. Even today, people love sitting and watching live direct TV, just that they are doing so increasingly through the net rather than through the cable TV subscription model. Since the global population is online and globalization is at its peak, it is also easier to upload global channels and programs on the cloud. This way, the process of uploading linear and on-demand channels on the cloud serves multiple purposes. It increases your customer base as well as improves your product portfolio.

Flexibility Is the Key

Whether you are planning to start with a pre-packaged program bundle or go for channel expansion down the line, or working with LIVE events transmission, cloud model gives you the flexibility and scalability for the same. Even if you need a platform for pop-up channels or special programs that stretch through only a few weeks or months at a time, the cloud is ready to accommodate them. This level of agility is near impossible to find in traditional linear content delivery architecture.

Easy Back-Up Mode

Easily create back-ups of your channel, especially for disaster recovery situations. There is no safer alternative to keeping content ready for consumption anytime. Set up the channel, compress and encrypt it, insert ads, keep content ready for spinning through a loop, or upload events as they happen, the cloud helps you make an impact without the constraints of traditional linear channel transmission.

Save The Moolah

Most importantly, the physical setup of linear channels transmission costs a lot more than the cloud alternative. And if you add the desire to expand your footprints into the global market, you need to double or triple the amount. Also, you need to add costs for setting up of contingency infrastructure in case of any disaster or parallel feeds to keep the content running even in an emergency. The sheer cost of all this may be prohibitive enough to make the cloud option look like a bargain in the long run. Let us not forget the kind of flexibility and ease-of-use that cloud platforms bring, especially when it comes to expansion or reconfiguration options, near-impossible to replicate in traditional content delivery platforms

Your World, Your Choice

As your customers shift to newer platforms, you ought to have the complete freedom to move ahead with them. When it comes to onboarding linear channels onto the cloud, the process begins with a bunch of advantages that include remote deployment and management options, better financial remedies, and unprecedented flexibility.