Get to know about hearing loss with tests

With age, hearing loss is something which one can face more often. Many people who belong within the age group of 45 to 65 suffer from some degrees of hearing losses. Those who are above the age of 65, this happens more often. 

Hence doctors may try to test the hearing capacity of an individual every few years once they become an adult. According to hearing experts, any adult should get their hearing ability tested every 10 years till they reach 40 and after that they should do it every 2 to 3 years. One can check for the audiometry test in Mumbai because that is the test most doctors prescribe if they suspect that one is suffering from some kind of hearing loss.

A lot of people might not even realise sometimes that they have a hearing problem because in most cases it is a slow and gradual process. So, it is very important to get the ears checked when the doctors say they should even if the patients think that they are doing just fine.

There are many causes of hearing loss in adults:

  • Mowing the lawn or using power tools
  • Shooting guns or other weapons
  • Being around loud noises often at work
  • Too much ear wax
  • Loud music, both live and recorded
  • Having an infection
  • Getting hit on the head
  • Problems with hearing that run in the family
  • Taking certain drugs

There are older people who do not do anything in order to address their hearing loss and they feel left out in a lot of occasions because they really cannot hear what clearly is happening around. So, hearing loss tests should be done right on time.

In most hearing tests, the process does not take more than half an hour and they are painless. Most adults who are asked to for a hearing test are asked to wear earphones and then listen to short tones which are played at different volumes and then pitches into air one at a time. Whether or not one can hear each sound shows whether they can hear the low pitched and the high pitched sounds, the loud and the quite sounds as well. Then the doctor can figure out whether one is suffering from right or left hear loss.

During some hearing tests, one may be also asked to listen to speech at different volumes which will be played into one ear at one time. Then one will be asked to repeat the same words after listening. This can also determine if one is suffering from hearing loss in one ear or in both. In audiogram test cost in Mumbai one can also get an idea about the procedures of doing the test. The intensity of the sounds here is measured in decibels and if adults have hearing loss up to 25 decibels then they have normal hearing. If not, then they need proper hearing treatment and even an aid to hear well.