Benefits of AP E-Challan

Benefits of AP E-Challan

The traffic police in all Indian states have strict and stringent rules when it comes to violator of traffic rules. From over-speeding to driving without seat belts and helmets; from jumping red lights to drunken driving, there are enough offences that motorists and automobile drivers commit when they are on the road. In order to teach the violators relevant lesson and make them respect traffic rules, the traffic police penalizes and charges fines for the disobedience of laid down rules. This means that each set of traffic rules have a pre-defined fine that violators are charged on the spot by the traffic person manning the particular road or intersection. The fine is usually raised via a challan that the motorists needs to pay either on the spot or go to a court later to settle off the amount and strike off his name from the pending challan.

The Andhra Pradesh Traffic police have now started to issue the AP e-challan the electronic form of the standard challan where all the information pertaining to the defaulter gets saved on the network of the department. It is proving to be a boon in a number of ways –

  • Facilitating easy and instant payment using online digital payments. E-challans can be paid and settled immediately – you need to open the AP transport department site, fill up the details of your car or driving license, choose an appropriate method of payment online and get over with the job within minutes. AP e-challans can also be paid up using an online aggregator website or App like that of Paytm, MobiKwik or PhonePe. The process remains more or less the same with the slight difference that you would first need to choose your state Traffic department first before proceeding. This is because authorized online resellers are associated with all or many state traffic departments facilitating people from all states in easy and straightforward method of paying for e-challans.
  • It saves everyone’s time and energy – as a violator, you can pay on the spot thereby saving your time. For the authorities, the moment they receive your payment, the relevant outstanding on their books is also closed thereby saving them from unnecessary hassle of getting the challan payment collected or taking appropriate action in case not paid.
  • Payments are safer and transparent. When you pay AP e challan online, you pay to the department and not to any individual – once the e-challan has been raised there is no going back – you cannot negotiate with the police person or offer him a lower amount of money as cash to write off the challan. This makes the system transparent and free from red-tapism. The challan has been raised means you have to pay – you cannot pay by cash and you cannot pay to an individual, you pay to a system. Also most service providers that offer online payment facilities ensure that their systems are foolproof and unhackable by online miscreants.

Respect traffic rules and if found guilty act as per law to settle your AP e-challan lawfully and digitally!

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