Instagram Shoppable Features Will Drive More Traffic And Sales

Instagram Shoppable Features

Millions of people use Instagram Stories every day. With such extensive use of this feature, it was only a matter of time that Instagram brought out their new feature that will enable the users to shop much more easily right from the platform, not having to leave then site for that matter.

However, shopping through Instagram Stories is nothing new. This phenomenon was used by different brands and influencers before. It was used by them for preparing their followers to shop their stories. All they did was add:

  • A product URL as well as
  • A“shop now” call to action in their stories.

If you are new on this platform then you might find a bit difficult to raise the interest and engagement among the viewers so that they will visit your fashion site to know more about the product or products that you have created and want to sell. Sometimes you may be frustrated enough and even think you should buy real Instagram likesto gain more traffic towards your fashion site.

However, things do not have to be that way.  With Instagram coming into play, you can showcase your fashion product in the best possible way which will attract more followers and if you have incorporated a proper link in your Instagram profile, they will even click on it to visit your site to know more about the product. The result? You add to the organic traffic count of your site.

Just like any other successful brands, you will need to consider the specific features and follow the guidelines to sell on the Instagram platform.

Use Shoppable Posts

There are lots of different useful ways in which brands, especially fashion brands can make a sale and use the different opportunities that this platform provides. They will just have to integrate their Instagram marketing strategy with their business marketing policies.

In order to put things in the simplest of all forms and words, it can be said that the Instagram shopping posts has the power to make it much easier for the followers to shop their desired products on Instagram by simply “tagging” those products in posts.

  • It is expected that this latest feature of Instagram will have a significant impact on the brands as well as the shoppers as purchases can be made now directly from the platform itself.
  • With the help of this feature as well as the tagging feature you will now be able to create an entirely shoppable feed.

The followers can click on the ‘Shop’ button on theprofile that will enable them to see that each of the item they have chosen is tagged individually. They can bookmark the products that they want to shop later easily as well.

If you consider the latest Instagramannouncement, you will now be able to access a “Checkout on Instagram” button on the product page when you tap to see a particular product from the shopping post of a brand.

You can also select this option by tapping on it from numerous optionssuch as size, color, and then continue to the payment stage. And all these you can do without leaving the platform at all.

All you have to do is:

  • Enter your name,
  • Email address
  • Billing informationand
  • The shipping address during check out.

Therefore, with the Instagram shopping posts now available for inclusion into the Instagram feed, it will definitely provide a lot of advantage thereof.

Use the Instagram stories shoppable stickers

This is another good wat to increase the chances of sale. Tis is because your followers can now tap on the stickers when they find it in your story. This will help them to learn more about your product and eventually make a purchase.

  • In addition to that tagging products in Instagram Stories stickers is also another good way to promote more organic traffic to your site as well as endorse shopping on stories.
  • Apart from that it will also enable you to showcase the product details without making anything look spammy or sales-y.

One very good thing about the shopping sticker is that it is a great marketing tool for the smaller and emerging fashion brands.

  • As of now, Instagram Stories is available only to the Instagram business profiles having more than 10,000 to add this as a links to their stories which will help them to drive more traffic to their site and the products from their Instagram posts.But the shopping sticker feature is available to everyone!
  • This means that when a business with under 10,000 followers uses this shopping sticker for Instagram Stories, they can easily lead their followers to their site and products easily or to the shopping pages through their stories.

In short, given the rate of success of Instagram Stories, these4 shopping stickers can be a hugely effective marketing tool for those fashion brands specifically who are looking to drive sales using the Instagram platform.

It will also help them to drive more sales through the link in the Instagram bio. All they have to do is get started by linking your existing Instagram posts to the product pages through a shoppable and clickable landing page. This will establish an easy connect to the store to import the product catalog into the dashboard.

  • This will create a faster check-out as it will connect your Instagram account directly to the sales provider.
  • This will also result in a better visibility to see what exactly is driving the sales.

The Shopify stores are able to track sales from Instagram, find out exactly how much revenue is generated by each post through the link in your bio, measure the revenue from generated per post as well.

Even if you are not using Shopify, you can still add several links to each of your Instagram post so that it will link your followers to the product pages. This will help the followers to locate the exact product they are looking for.

All these will help you to drive more traffic from Instagram and track them as well.

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