Why Your Furnace Is Making Strange Sounds

Furnace Sounds

There are several appliances and systems within your home. They all work hard to keep your home functioning in the best way. And if they’re doing their job correctly, you shouldn’t even notice they’re there. When you start hearing weird noises, it may be a sign that there is a serious problem. Your heating system is a particular piece that needs to be monitored for strange noises. If you hear humming, whistling, banging, or squealing, you will want to get your system checked out as soon as possible.

On a daily basis, you shouldn’t ever hear your furnace. Even when you approach the heating system, you shouldn’t be able to hear any strange noises. When you do, it is almost always a sign there is a serious problem. This could be dangerous for you and your home. Research and knowledge are the best ways to combat this. Read on for explanations of why your furnace may be making weird noises and when you need to take immediate action. The last thing you want is for your heating system to end up destroying parts of your home or causing major problems that are harder to fix.

Broken Heat Exchanger


Every furnace has a piece within the appliance known as the heat exchanger. This is responsible for changing the temperature of the air and water. When this piece is broken or cracked, you will usually hear a distinct clicking sound. If your furnace makes strange noises like this, turn it off immediately. A cracked heat exchanger usually means carbon monoxide is leaking from your furnace. This gas is incredibly toxic and can be dangerous to you and anyone in the home.

Too Much Gas in the Ignition

A gas furnace needs to be ignited to operate effectively. If you start to hear loud noises during ignition, this may be a sign that more gas or oil than necessary is getting into the system before it ignites. Consider calling a technician to take a look, because this may result in a furnace explosion that could affect the entire home. This is the case for any piece of technology that uses gas. If you are wondering why you should start a mobile kitchen or what that weird noise is with your car, always be careful that it isn’t going to spark an issue within your ignition and cause a small explosion.

Problems With the Blower Wheel


Your furnace pumps warm air throughout your home with the help of a blower wheel. This helps pump air through the vents and ducts of your home. If you start to hear a loud, high-pitched squealing noise or rattle, that may mean your blower is broken. The sound of metal scraping against metal is usually a sign of this. You may even hear clanging noises that tell you your blower wheel is simply off balance. These problems are usually easy fixes that require a technician to come in and replace the broken part.

Dirty Burners

To light the furnace, you need burners to first get the ignition started. When your burners become too dirty, this can delay that lighting and cause small explosions or booms. An HVAC technician like Air Conditioning Repair Denver CO will be able to come in and clear out any debris for you. In the meantime, avoid turning on your furnace at the risk of it causing more serious build-up.

Air Leaks

Whistling noises are usually a sign that there is a problem with your air ducts. Air leaks aren’t a serious issue, but they can be a huge waste of money when your warm air is leaking where it isn’t needed. This is often an issue that will be caught with regular maintenance appointments.