What Is A Metal Dog Fence?

A fence for dogs is a good investment. it offers a safe way to teach your pet boundaries, but before you buy one, you need to decide whether it will fit your lifestyle, the unique characteristics of your lawn, and your dogs. Here are the top 3 benefits of having a concealed fence installed:

The Dog Will Not Dig Under A Metal Dog Fence

A traditional fence is not a reliable containment method for most canines. they can climb the fence, or leap over it. they might try to break it with their teeth, or when you open the gate, they might try to sneak out of the fence. your dog can try to dig under the fence, as well. Your dog obviously cannot damage an invisible barrier.

A Metal Dog Fence Gives Security

When your home has a stunning view, why would you want an ugly chain link or a wooden fence to disturb this? In addition to shielding your pet, an invisible fence can also secure your valuable objects, such as lawn equipment, your pool, landscaping, or air conditioning unit.

Metal and wood fences aren’t getting cheap. although it largely depends on the neighbourhood you live in, the cost will range from $7.50 to $25.00 per square foot for one of these types of fences. professional installation of a hidden fence will cost between $1,000.00 and $2,750.00 on average, which is much cheaper.

This fencing uses different strengths, heights, and opening sizes for various reasons. This metal dog fencing can be used either as a stand-alone fence or as a chew barrier in conjunction with our poly fence rollers.

Note On Opening Size: We are specialized in fencing small opening sizes to keep animals in or out. also, this type of fencing is not very visible from a distance and will disappear within 25 feet. For example, fence mesh with opening sizes greater than 2 “can trap and hurt animals: animals caught in fences-this may also apply to your dogs if you use mesh with a 4” opening size, like field fences or farm fences.

Factors To Keep In Mind While Shopping Metal Dog Fence

Many considerations to consider when deciding which height to choose from here:

Will your dog or dog use force to paw up on the fence? You may also want to increase the height of your Metal Dog Fence to account for a slight pull down or add tension. for example, our dog fence kits with tensioning include two layers of cable-one upside down and one downwards. this tensioned cable holds up a fence when anything pulls the fence down. It also holds firm when dogs use their nose to push up under a fence to get out, for example.

  • Critterfence Steel Web: 1 “opening size, great for most dogs as well as small animals-galvanized in black PVC coating
  • Critterfence Steel Grid: 1/2 “opening scale (also available in 1” x 1), “lets in or out most animals like moles/voles as well as snakes-galvanized black PVC-coated

Want to keep away other wildlife, including deer? Consider a 7 foot or 7 1/2 foot fence if you are going through the time and expense of putting up a fence.