Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui are similar or different, what do you think?

Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui both have the similar progressions about keeping the house alignment other things in perfect shape for the better luck and good vibes. Most of the people make their houses and offices according to the Vastu Shastra consultants in Ludhiana which belongs to India and Feng Shui which belongs to China works on the same concept that how you should manage your house. While the two of them have certain essential likenesses, there are a few contrasts excessively attributable to the beginning of the two. Nonetheless, specialists accept that two practices can be converged to get comparable outcomes in improving the energy levels in your home and among the occupants.

The Similarities between Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui

Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui both have the similar progressions about the house management and both are based on similar concept see how:

  1. Both the practices agree with in the concord of the 5 factors that represent the environment- Water, Earth, Air, Vacuum and Fire. Unless these are in sync with one any other in workplace and at home, there is no scope of prosperity. It is additionally believed that each the theories take gorgeous gain of the magnetic instructions for their solutions.
  2. Both the philosophies have been developed round the essential of Life, recognized as ‘chi’ in Feng Shui and ‘Prana’ in Vastu.
  3. Both the practices understand that the central element of the domestic is vital for the normal nicely being of the household.
  4. Both the practices use mathematical calculations to figure out on the basic diagram of the household
  5. Both the practices work with the wonderful and the terrible energies of the household.
  6. Both use unique equipment to locate treatment for the stricken region in the house.
  7. Both the practices consider that they have high-quality consequences on the properly being of the residence and its residents.

While they look both same but there are also many factors that differ them

Differences in origin: Vastu is one of the most historic sciences of structure designed through the sages of India, whilst Feng Shui originates in historic China. The phrase Vastu capacity something present like the residence or the constructing and Shastra skill device or the knowledge. Feng, on the different hand, ability ‘wind’ and Shui ability ‘water’, implying that the exercise mainly relies upon on the cosmic energies of the wind and water to obtain concord of all different cosmic energies.

Kitchen facts: Top astrologer in Ludhiana says according to Vastu, the gas stove and induction need to be positioned on the proper and the sink have to be on the left. However, in Feng Shui the cooking range and the sink have to no longer be dealing with every other.

Furniture and heavy objects: In Vastu, the heavy objects like the sofa and different fixtures ought to be positioned in the south or Southwest route of the residence, which go away greater area in the North or the Eastern region of the house, which is viewed especially auspicious. In Feng Shui, large or heavy furnitures need to be normally positioned contrary to the auspicious South direction.