Uses of the best digestive enzyme syrup

When we eat unhealthy food, we experience digestive problems. To prevent digestive problems, we should avoid eating junk food because it does not provide any nutrition to the body. But, it only accumulates fat in our body. So, we should always lead a healthy lifestyle. If we are experiencing any digestive problems, then we should consume the best digestive enzyme syrup. The syrup contains valuable ingredients and resolve different types of digestive problems such as dyspepsia, flatulence and general debility problems. The main ingredients of this syrup are chymopapain and papain. This syrup can resolve various gastrointestinal tract problems. It can be consumed by people suffering from problems such as indigestion, constipation, worm infestations and different body infections.

The main ingredients of the digestive enzyme syrup

It contains several nutrients to resolve different digestive disorders.


It is a tonic that is depurative and stimulant. It is also useful to people with vertigo problems.


It helps in improving digestive problems. Papaya is an anti-oxidant and its consists of anti-inflammatory properties. It also prevents problems such as ulcer.


The best digestive enzyme syrup also consists of some valuable ingredients to resolve problems such as indigestion, worm infestations, constipation etc.


It is the water extracted from the ginger and it is used for protecting gastric mucosa. It also reduces the mucosal lesions and prevents the secretion of gastric acid. It prevents gastric problems blocking the K+, H+, ATPase action.


It is used for resolving digestive problems.


It is a digestive stimulant that is used to increase the secretion of gastic acid. It also increases the activity of digestive enzymes and secretion of bile acids. It is used to increase the pancreatic lipase and increases the effectiveness of amylase. This medicine is used to support the digestive stimulant activity. The digestive enzyme syrup for child contains only natural ingredients and hence suitable for children also.

Citric Acid

It is used as an acidifying agent.


It is used to treat problems such as flatulence, general debility and dyspepsia.

Sat Pudina

It is used as a carmative, antispasmodic, and an anti-peptic ulcer agent. It is used to treat problems such as digestion.


It is used to resolve problems such as indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome. These rhizomes are known as diaphoretic, astringent, carmative, antispasmodic, stomachic and litholytic.

Sat Ajwain

It is one of the flavored seed that is used for medicinal use. These seeds help in quick digestion of food. It also enhances the activity of digestive enzymes. It increases the bile secretion in the body. It helps in acceleration of overall digestive system.

The digestive enzyme for child is used to treat different problems of children. The children easily suffer from digestive problems if they eat unhealthy food. So this syrup is ideal for children also. You should consult the physician to administer right dosage to children.

How to consume the medicine?

You should shake the bottle well before consuming this syrup. The syrup should be stored in a cool place and should be protected from light.