Taking care of your hair during the rainy season

Taking care of your hair during the rainy season

The monsoon season is a time of greenery and soaks in an element of freshness. But for some it may be a storehouse of various hair problems. Loss of hair and a dizzy hair are some problems encountered at this juncture. Possibility of infections cannot be ruled out. Since humidity levels are on the higher side hair attracts dirt and a lot of particles from outside. Nothing can be done about the weather but you can adopt some measures to take proper care of your hair.

Keep your hair dry at all times

You might be tempted to dry your hair in the rainwater, but be aware that rainwater is acidic and dirty which poses problems for your hair. In order to keep yourself dry carry an umbrella and raincoat wherever you go.

It would be really tough to dry your hair during rainy season because of humidity levels. Gently dry with a towel or you can use a hair dryer.

Regular shampooing

Many people consider option of shampooing of your hair as harmful, but it does work out to be opposite during the rainy season. Shampooing needs to be done every alternate day to ensure that your hair is free from dirt and other materials. If you are planning to shampoo your hair very often it makes sense to use a baby shampoo which is mild and keeps your scalp clean.Best quality replica rolex watches is swiss watch brands 1:1 replica fake watch, high-quality swiss movement.You can place an order for your Omega replica watches of best quality with top quality online.This outlet deals with various collections of high-end replica omega.High Quality AAA omega Replica Watches online sales for you.

Sometimes residue is left behind by rainwater on your hair use can stick to ketomac shampoo review in Hindi. It goes a long way to trim down occurrence of fungal and bacterial infections. An effective tip would be to shampoo the hair from top to bottom.

Oil massage

In the monsoon season a good hair massage for your hair would be an ideal option. The dry strands of your hair are revitalized. With a good oil massage it undertakes the work of a good spa treatment. But do take of not to overdo things as simply to get rid of the oil you could end up damaging the scalp.

No point to tie your hair

If you are tying up your hair in the rainy season you are allowing rain water to hibernate that would make it dizzy. In case if you really want to tie up your hair opts for simple buns or pony tails.

Follow a proper hair care schedule

The rainy season brings more dirt along with dust on to your scalp, so the first tip would be to clean your hair regularly. In case if you are caught in a dust storm washes your hair once you reach home. Ketomac Shampoo use in Hindi would be a better choice.  Why a hair wash is suggested would be rain water is acid and can cause a host of problems in the form of hair fall.

Do not commit the mistake of washing your hair with shampoos that have harsh chemicals. Home based products like vinegar or a baby shampoo can contribute to positive results.