Pimples may seem to be extremely difficult to treat in many cases. However, there are some ways to make it go away at ease. People who experience acne have to face even additional problems such as acne scars. Even after it gets cleared the skin produces collagen fiber to make the surface even. When the concentration of collagen is too little it leads to the creation of a scar. Every individual wants to have skin that they can flaunt in front of others. Acne scar removal creams are a reliable option to treat such sensitive skin conditions. Here are some assuring natural methods to get rid of your pesky pimple marks at home:


  • Applying black seed oil: Black seed oil is derived from one of the most famous medicinal plants. It contains strong anti-bacterial properties that can be used to treat multiple skin conditions that people face in their everyday life. In addition to this, the oil also has excellent anti-inflammatory as well as anti-viral properties. Hence it can enhance the speed of healing and remove the effects of pigmentation.


  • Castor oil: Although the product is popular for treating problems related to hair fall and scalp infections, it can also be used to treat acne. This is due to the high amount of Vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids present in it. This improves the overall texture of your skin and fights against the symptoms of scars. Apply it to the affected region and leave it overnight to see positive effects. You can also mix it with lukewarm water to reduce the density of the scars that have formed.


  • A teaspoon of honey: This is available in almost every household and kitchen. You don’t have to go to any costly drugstore to treat your scars with medications. According to research honey has the potential to get rid of all kinds of scars and increase the healing of wounds. It can be applied directly to the wounded region to clean all kinds of infectious particles present on it.


  • Powder of orange peel: Orange is one of the best citric fruits that contain a high concentration of Vitamin C. As a result it highly beneficial for treating problems related to skin marks. You can obtain orange peel powder and apply it to your acne wounds after mixing it with a small quantity of honey. It can be put on the infected parts for a few minutes and then must be washed thoroughly. Repeating this process for a few days can reduce acne scarring to some extent.


  • Baking soda: This helps to prevent your skin from being dry because of its hydrating properties. Baking soda is an effective ingredient for unclogging pores present on your skin. This removes the presence of dark spots by maintaining the pH balance of your skin. Baking soda paste is a useful product for removing pimple scars.


Conclusion: Your skin requires proper care and pamper from your side to prevent any kind of reaction. Try cleaning and applying no scars night cream before you sleep.