Planning an At-Home Wedding on a Budget

Planning an At-Home Wedding on a Budget

Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life. Walking down that aisle and marrying your person is an exciting start to a fun new chapter. Planning your wedding, however, can sometimes be a stressful and expensive affair. Maybe you’re trying to surpass all the headaches and plan a small wedding right in your home. This can be a much more affordable way to spend your big day without the added stress and hassle.

Planning your at-home wedding still does require some special steps and additional tips and tricks to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. As you’re planning on a budget, there are some specifics you can focus on to save those extra dollars. Still have the wedding of your dreams with the people that matter most to you in a place that is familiar. Decorate your home in beautiful ways and find extra ideas to help you celebrate your big day in style. Here are some tips for planning your at-home wedding, even if you’re on a budget.

Save money on your wedding cards and stationery

When you host a wedding, you’re going to need plenty of cards and stationery every step of the way. From your Save the Dates to your wedding programs to photo posters to display at the ceremony, rely on a great provider like Shutterfly to help you get all your cards and prints ready for the big day. Your wedding planning should be fun and fabulous with great invites, creative photographs, and unique RSVPs. Even if your wedding venue is at your home, you can still create great cards, invites, and more on a budget with great online providers.

Make sure your home is in great shape

Hosting any big event at your home is the perfect time to make sure your systems are in good working order. Hire professional technicians that can check things like your ventilation and air quality. Preventative maintenance can help guarantee your indoor air is perfect for all your wedding guests. By improving indoor air quality with an air purifier or HVAC system repairs, you’re taking the first step to eliminate mold, allergens, pollution, and dust mites from getting in the air and disturbing your guests during your wedding day.

Invest in affordable decorations

Just because your wedding party is happening in your backyard, doesn’t mean it can’t be absolutely beautiful. Look for affordable ways to spruce up the different areas of your home. Invest in greenery, candles, air fresheners, and wedding favors that can turn your regular home into a magical wedding venue.

Cut back on the guest list

As hard as it may be, one of the best ways to save money on your wedding is to cut back on the guest list. Especially if you are hosting the event at your home, you may need to only invite the most important people to your special day. This will help you save money on space, food, and wedding favors. As you’re making your seating chart and planning the day, be sure the most important friends and family members are included while being selective about who all gets an invite.

Opt for a minimalistic reception

So many people go all out for their wedding and wedding reception. If you’re hosting the ceremony at your home, you may need to scale back and opt for something a bit more minimalistic. Go with simpler food. Choose to host a more basic rehearsal dinner. Have a smaller wedding party and cut back on the guest list. At the end of the day, your wedding is a time for you and your fiancé to celebrate your love. As long as that happens, your special day will be perfect. You don’t need all the crazy extras.

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