Personal Finance – Money Management Tips

Managing your money responsibly does not require you to be a finance expert. Although managing your personal finances wisely may appear to be a complex task, being aware of basic concepts will ease the process. You need to know where your money goes, how much you can save and how your income can exceed your expenses.

Understand your Finances

Money management begins with knowing your current financial situation. Assess your expenses and what you owe in terms of debts. Note down what you spend in a month and include fixed expenses for a clearer picture of your monthly spending. Setting up categories for your expenses will make it easier to analyze what your costs entail.

Categorize Expenses

When you want to make certain purchases, you need to save enough money for them. You can categorize your planned purchases in terms of short and long term goals. It is also a good idea to prioritize your purchases according to what you need to have and what you can buy later. This enables you to project your future expenditure and plan accordingly.


Evaluate your monthly spending once again to determine where you can cut down on costs. The more you save, the more you will be able to set aside for your planned purchases. This is an important step towards creating a budget that will guide you towards accomplishing your financial objectives.

Savings Account

Setting up a savings account will enable you to put a specified amount of money aside each month. If you find it difficult to keep track of your savings, your bank can arrange for automatic transfers that ensure a certain amount of money is always deposited in your savings account every month.

Start Early

The sooner you begin to manage, save and invest, the easier it will be to achieve your financial goals. Even with limited finances, you still need to start early in order for your wealth to grow gradually. Avoid making costly mistakes such as investing all your money in one place and seek financial advice from a trustworthy source whenever you need it. Use the hourly paycheck calculator for calculations here.

Passion and Purpose

You may be struggling with bank account balances but you still need to know what your purpose in life is. Identify what you are passionate about and take advantage of the skills that you already have to help you build a career. Spare enough time for your passion and find a way to use your natural abilities to help you earn extra income.

Make the Right Choices

Make better choices by determining the things that you need and those that you can do without. When you are on the path to financial prosperity, you need to be willing to make some sacrifices. A simpler life may not be exciting but you will eventually be able to save up money for luxuries that were previously attainable.

Many people deal with financial challenges and taking charge of your money and how you spend it is a crucial step. All financial circumstances can be improved. Buy what you can afford, save consistently and avoid wasting money.


Lisa Sheffield has been a financial advisor for over 10 years. Make paycheck calculations with the hourly paycheck calculator here.