Nail extension at home service

Nail extension at home service

Nail extension at home service is one of the most acceptable services for girls today all over the world. Girls and women, in general, have been taking care of themselves for quite a long anyway. But, this mass-scale acceptance of nail extension at-home service is winning hearts all throughout. Such is the charm of nail extension at home service that it has become contagious, of course positively. It grabs the attention of the onlooker and influences her so much that before she knows it she gets one. 

Let us, deep dive, into it and have a look at its details. 


  • What is nail extension at home service? 


Nail extension at home service is a method of making your nails look long and pretty attractive. To attain this, the nail artist glues a false nail tip on your natural/original nail. He/she then decorates the pin with various nail art and the latest nail designs. The process takes close to two hours and voila, here are your gorgeous fingernails you just can’t stop admiring. 

Let us shed some light on nail extension at-home service. The nail artist carries all the necessary tools and products for nail extension to your place. You only need a chair and a table or a desk for seating arrangements. It will dazzle you if you would take the services for the first time. Also, you will experience how much of artist’s work and talent is required for such intricate art. The nail artist first starts with cleaning your nails. She may remove any existing nail paint with acetone of wipe them off with wet wipes. She buffs all of the nails one by one. An experienced nail artist use boat shape nail buffer. It helps to buff the corner of the nails as well. 

She then selects nail tips matching all the fingers respectively. And then she glues those nail tips on to the original nails. Nail artist always applies false nails leaving a little gap from the nail bed. The nail tips are usually quite long. They are so because you can keep desired length of nails. The rest nails artist simply clips off with nail clipper. She then uses the buffer block again, this time buffing the false nail tip. It helps to remove the shine of the tip. Puffy brush is used each time after using buffer block. This helps in removing tiny nail particles and flakes which come off as result of buffing. It is quite important as these tiny particles often offers hindrance to the art work.

She now uses a pH pen and marks the original nail a bit. It helps to maintain the pH balance of the nail. She then applies mixture of gel and strengthening powder to make the nail extensions strong. The nail extensions are now cured in LED or UV light apparatus. This allows the gel to dry up. The LED/UV cure is the first of many to follow. The nail artist then applies first and second builder and buffs it again. Finally, the nail artist starts to design the nail as per your wishes. 

Here, you can throw in your opinion or if you need some specific type of art on your nail extension. You can do a little web search to find out the latest exotic designs. Whatever it is, the nail artist shall always suggest what is in you best interests. For one last time the nail extensions are quoted with a top coat to preserve them longer. It helps to maintain the glossiness and promotes their lives. 



  • Benefits of nail extensions at home service.


Nail extensions at home service has many benefits to it. Let us have a look at all of them. 

Saves time

We all know how much time holds importance in our lives. But you feel it the most when you have to wait behind someone. You see, it is most usually the case of waiting in a nail studio as there is some one before you. It gets painful when her service has just started. You now have full two hours to kill. By choosing nail extension at home service, you simply save this much of time. You may spend this time on something a little more productive. Maybe spending it with your family or friends. Or you may choose to spend getting rid of some pending office work. No matter what you choose, you definitely have greater control over your time. 

Beat traffic.

It is a definite peace of mind with anything reaching to you at your doorsteps. And so is the case with nail extensions at home service. Here you do not have to wear proper clothes and dress yourself. Nor do you have to battle the traffic on your way to beauty studio. We all are aware of the torture of traffic jam finding a place to park the car. Simply lazing around in a pajama will do. This all becomes possible when you avail nail extensions at home service. 

Saves money

You see, when you avail the service, you do not pay just for the service. Rather, you end up paying for the rent, staff salaries, electricity and ambience and other miscellaneous expenses. It all gets added up into the final invoice billed to you. With nail extension at home service, it washes off all the middle and unnecessary expense. It naturally leads to decrease in the final price. Thereby, you, the customer is the ultimate benefactor. 

Ease of appointment at home

Once you book an appointment at home, it helps you to keep track of your time even further. You can now complete your pending work before the appointment. Or choose to go out with friends after the service. 

Boosts personality. 

It is widespread knowledge that beauty builds confidence. And confidence, in turn, builds charm which is an intricate part of a successful person. Nail extensions with exotic designs over them build such a strong personality that acts like a human magnet. It immediately attracts and influences people. The charm is such that you become an important social topic everyone talks about. And more importantly, who everyone wants to become, albeit secretly. This is one hugely positive impact that lifts your social status and builds your personality. 

You can see now in conclusion, nail extension at home in Delhi and how what changes it brings to you. Nail extensions have been taking people by storm lately. And why should they not as they transform the entire personality of a girl making her look like a heavenly angel. Every girl is aware of the capacity to influence nail extensions that they need not be marketed anyway. All that a girl looks for is quality. Once she is sure that she will receive more than the value of the money she is going to spend. She instantly makes up her mind to book the service for herself.  

The acceptance of nail extensions at home service is evident from the number of girls booking it. It has registered growth in triple figures for the past few years and looks like it is constantly going to grow.