How to Use Pillows While Pregnant?

Pillows While Pregnant

Being pregnant makes you elusive to sleep, although it is essential. During pregnancy, rest can be challenging to achieve because you’ll experience midnight toilet runs due to eating before bed, anxious thoughts, cramping legs, heartburn and a growing belly that makes it harder to get comfortable. You should get your pillow ready to comfort you for the sleepless evenings ahead.

During sleep, your body undergoes resetting and restoration. It’s when your brain starts to consolidate the memories, and your blood vessels restore themselves. This is particularly crucial now that there’s an additional pressure in the blood flow needed to sustain your child.

Hence, a pregnancy pillow can be an excellent investment as it’s not only helpful during pregnancy, but also after giving birth. Even after having a child, some women continue to use their pregnancy pillow because of the comfort and support it provides. Depending on your body needs, you can place a pregnancy pillow in different ways. Pregnancy pillows come in various forms and sizes as well. Ensure you select a pad that fits your sleeping needs.

That being said, getting a good night’s now that you’re sleeping for two is essential than ever. Here are the types of pregnancy pillows available in the market and how to use them for a better night’s sleep.

Types of Pregnancy Pillows

If you’ve ever searched for a pregnancy pillow, you’ve probably discovered that there is a broad range of cushions available online. Since they’re in all shapes and sizes, it can be overwhelming for an expectant mother like you to make the right choice.

Looking at the different styles and their characteristics are the best way to distinguish which pregnancy pillow most comfortable fits your sleep habits. Here are the five kinds of pillows for pregnancy that you can see online:

  1. Full-Length Pregnancy Pillow

If you don’t have support in a particular part of your body like head or stomach, full-length pregnancy pillows are an excellent choice. These pillows are long and straight that you can cuddle and embrace as you drift off.

However, just be careful. Full-Length pregnancy pillows are often time referred to as “body pillows” because individuals who are not pregnant are also using them. Do not interchange body pillow with a whole body pillow.

How to use full-length pregnancy pillows?

This pillow can be the best for you if: you’re a side sleeper, and you don’t move around while sleeping, and have extra space for you and your partner on your bed.

To use full-length pregnancy properly, place the pillow in the designated area, and wrap your arms around it comfortably. Since this is pillow comes into two different types, straight and flexible, you can find a working sleeping position that can help you get a rejuvenating sleep.

  1. C-Shaped Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Since your body undergoes several changes while pregnant, a full-body pregnancy pillow can be the best choice for it is intended to support your body during the process. This kind of pillow looks like a giant C, which stands for comfort.

How to use C-shaped pregnancy pillows?

This pillow can be the best for you if: you have back pain, you want full-body support, and you don’t toss and turn.

To use a C-shaped pregnancy pillow, place the pad on the bed and spread the shape so you can readily climb into it. Make sure that the “c” curve is on your back. Then, place your head on top of the pillow and position your thighs at the bottom of the pad. The pillow’s whole base should reach your belly to support it.

Moreover, ensure that the pillow must be squarely between your knees and hips. This will guarantee that these body parts will be adequately supported.

  1. U-Shaped Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

If you’re love sleeping on your side, a u-shaped pregnancy pillow might be the best pillow for side sleepers. Literally, this pillow that looks like a big horseshoe and full of cozy padding.

How to use U-shaped pregnancy pillows?

A u-shaped pregnancy pillow can be the best for you if you’re tossing and turning at night, you like to sleep on your side or back, and you are looking for full-body support.

A u-shaped pillow is intended to facilitate the shift from side to side, like a c-shaped pregnancy pillow. This kind of pillow is fantastic for side sleepers because they can wrap their arms around on one side while supporting their stomach and their head well-rested on the curve. All you need to do is turn over to change hands.

U-shaped pillows are also suitable for pregnant women who are back-sleepers because this pillow can provide support to their neck, head, and back.

  1. Inflatable Pregnancy Pillows

As your tummy grows, the stomach-sleeper may find it harder to look for a relaxing sleep position. Due to sudden restriction to their movement, some pregnant women may experience discomfort in their usual position and felt unexpected difficulty to sleep.

If you’re one of them, inflatable pillows can be the solution. These pillows are inflated on top of your bed, like a separate mattress. They come with a fitted hole, so when you lie on your stomach, your belly will be cradled.

How to use inflatable pregnancy pillows?

An inflatable pregnancy pillow can be the best for you if: you’re in your third trimester, you like to sleep on your stomach, and you’d like to adjust your level of support.

Sleeping on an inflatable pregnancy pillow requires a little extra effort, but it’s much better if you’re already sleeping on your stomach before getting pregnant. These pillows are produced from materials that are comparable to the best mattress. Usually, it comes with a pump to make it easier to set up. Inflate the pillow to a level that is comfortable for you.

Lay softly on top of it once the pillow is inflated, then settle your child bump into the given hole. You may want to put a towel or blanket over it for additional comfort. Also, before buying, make sure you look into that packaging of an inflatable pillow and state that it provides excellent back support.

  1. Pregnancy Wedges

Pregnancy wedges are not pillows from a technical point of view, but they are cheap and great for concentrating on particular parts of the body that need some support. Usually, in a triangle form, pregnancy wedges can be easily placed under the areas that require assistance. Most pregnant women like to use it sleeping sideways while their tummy is growing.

How to use pregnancy wedges?

A pregnancy wedge can be the best for you if: you need firm support, you’re looking for affordable ones, you do not have much extra room in the bed, and you’re looking for versatility.

Pregnancy wedge is an excellent, economical choice for pregnant women having trouble sleeping at night. Circles and triangles are the two available wedge shapes. This is simple to use: just position the wedge below the body part where you need support.

Also, a pregnancy wedge is suitable for on-the-go support. Find a tiny one that you can bring during your travels or in your vehicle.

Choosing Your Pillow Shape

Pregnancy pillows come in all forms and sizes. Everyone has different benefits for the different kinds of sleepers. Some may opt for c-forms, while side and back sleepers enjoy u-forms, and belly sleepers should look into inflatable pillows for pregnancy. Sleep wedges are the affordable, low-space option for everyone.

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