How to get rid of styes?

Have you ever had a white pimple-like thing over your eye? Do you wonder is it a pimple or not? And what is it?

It is a stye . A white pimple-like, red bump that forms on the outside edge of the eye. Under normal conditions, the eyes secrete oil and have dirt around them. The oil and dirt can accumulate and can clog the small holes of the eyes, which can serve as a reservoir for the bacteria to grow there, eventually causing infections or eye stye.

An eye stye may go on its own in seven to ten days. However, if there is pain, you must see a healthcare provider. If you have the same complaint, you must visit a top eye specialist in Lahore .

Symptoms of eye stye

The symptoms of eye stye are

  • Soreness of eyes
  • Increased production of tears
  • Itching around eyes
  • Formation of crust around the eyelids

Ways to get rid of eye stye

You can get rid of eye stye naturally by following the tips mentioned below.

Warm compress

A magical tool to get rid of eye stye is a warm compress. It is a technique in which a person applies a warm towel on eyes. You will need boiled warm water and a clean towel to do that. Dip the towel in the warm water and strain it, then finally apply it to the eyes. Make sure that it is not too warm, as it may damage your eyes.

Warm compress helps in draining the stye naturally by bringing oils and pus out. You can do that three to four times a day. But make sure that you do not compress the stye.

Warm tea bag

Like you do that to make a tea, you can do the same to get rid of eye stye. Black tea has anti-inflammatory actions. Therefore, it helps reduce it. Dip a tea bag in warm water for two to three minutes. Take it out and allow it to cool down. Then apply it to your eyes for ten minutes at least. Use separate tea bags for each eye. Make sure they are not too hot when you apply them on eyes. It will give your eyes warmth as well as anti-inflammatory effects.

Eye products

Always be careful about your eye products like eye cosmetics and lenses, as they can become a source of transferring microbes from one place to another. If you have an eye stye, avoid wearing makeup and contact lenses. It is because the bacteria can stick onto your makeup brushes and can transfer it to other eyes, or it can also reinfect you.

Wearing makeup and lenses can also slow down the healing of eye stye. Therefore, when you have an infection, try not to wear them. Instead, wear glasses, as they are more comfortable and gentle for your eyes.

Topical creams

Your healthcare provider may prescribe you antibiotic creams to apply on the eyes. They will help you in getting rid of eye styes. You must follow their advice.


Eye stye can come and go on their own. But if it comes repeatedly, you must visit an eye specialist in Karachi. Try to wash your eyes with hypoallergenic soap along with water. Keep them clean, free from dirt and dust. Also, make sure that you remove eye makeup and lenses before sleeping as they can harm your eyes, eventually causing eye styes.