How to get a hair transplant actually work?

Like all other cosmetic processes, hair transplants are also very personal and private experience. No health insurance companies can help you out in hair transplant surgeries, as because these are the personal decided surgeries. So, get a consultation first about each and everything and it is very much good for

What do we mean by hair transplant?

  1. A hair transplant is a process in which the surgeon transplants hair to the bladed and thinning parts.
  2. Hair transplants are usually done by cutting a strip from the back of your head.
  3. There are two different types of hair transplant surgeries FUT and FUE respectively. FUT stands for Follicular Unit Transplantation and FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction.

What is the procedure for hair transplant surgery?

There are some steps that are followed by your surgeon during hair transplant surgery. Let’s discuss them all.

STEP 1: First of all, your surgeon sterilizes the needles and the instruments, so that you do not get infected.

STEP 2: After the sterilization of instruments, your surgeon gives you local anesthesia on the scalp.

STEP 3: After getting the local anesthesia, you can also ask your doctor to make you fall asleep. So, that you do not panic during the whole surgery. After these three steps, your doctor starts one of the two surgeries.

  1. Follicular Unit Transplantation: If you are going through FUT surgery, then the following steps will be there. Have a look:

STEP 4: Your surgeon will cut a strip of your scalp from the back of your head. Then he/she will make that strip cut into smaller fragments. Each fragment will contain 1 hair.

STEP 5: After this, the doctor will transplant these smaller fragments on the bald area of your head.

STEP 6: Then the incision is covered with bandage or gauze.

  1. Follicular Unit Extraction: If you are going through FUE, then the following steps will be there. Have a look:

STEP 4: Your surgeon will shave your hair from the back of the head or from other body parts.

STEP 5: After this, he/she will make tiny holes in the area of transplantation. Then using a magnifying glass and scalpel, the hair will be transplanted.

STEP 6: After the transplantation of hair, the part is given stitches. Then, it will be covered with a bandage or a gauze.

These are the steps that you go through during a hair transplant surgery.

How hair transplant actually work?

  1. Not everyone experiencing a hair transplant is a good candidate.

Although hair transplant can make a huge difference for people, it is not meant for everyone. To make a hair transplant actually work you need to be a good candidate. Before going for a surgery, you should always check:

  1. If you are having a good supply of hair donors or not. Because if less donor hair will be there, your transplantation will not succeed.
  2. You should not have any kind of heavy scars on your head. Because having heavy fibrous scars do not result in successful transplantation.
  3. Some people have genetically hair loss problem. In this case, also transplantation is not 100% successful.
  4. Hair transplantation is very much successful to the people having a proper supply of donor hair. They are successful in the case, you have gone through hair burn or head injuries also.

  1. Hair transplant can look very much natural- if you go to the right surgeon.

Hair transplant candidates are very much concerned about the results. So before going to a surgeon, you should check some important things. This will help you in making the hair transplant actually work.

  1. Before making your mind for hair transplant, you should check whether the doctor you are consulting is highly qualified or not.
  2. You should always make a check for the successful story of the transplant by the chosen doctor. You should also ask for the portfolio of the doctor.
  3. You must check the ratings and reviews also on the internet. Finding the right doctor is good for hair harmony and you.

You should always check these three things, before going for a hair transplant surgery. As because hair transplant can be done by anyone, it has no medical specialty board yet.

  1. You should lose more hair before growing new hair.
  2. Although hair transplantation is a procedure having low risk. But there are some side effects that occur after surgery such as shock loss, bleeding, itching etc.
  3. So, before growing near hair, you should lose some hair. This will help you in making your hair transplant successful.
  4. The old-growth incised should be lost after the surgery because this will help the new hair to show full growth.

These are some points that will help you all in making your hair transplant successful and work properly.

If thinking of a hair transplant surgery, then go and find your doctor today. Ultimately, the decision of getting a hair transplant is personal and it should be made between you and a well-qualified doctor.