How PNR Number is Helping Railway Passengers in their Journeys?

The world is witnessed the gems of technology and advancements. In India, growth has been taking place in all the zones. Speaking particularly of Indian railways, the transportation mode has grown extremely. There are endless options these days and the facilities are getting better every day.

If you don’t know much about Indian Railways, it was started in the year 1853 and since then, this mode has not stopped to captivate the individuals people love the thought of touring by trains.  Lacks of Indian trains run every single day and take a huge crowd from spot to spot.  It is not only about traveling and comfort but about luxury and convenience too.  Today you can avail the ease of Indian railways right from the moment you made up your decision to travel by the train. You can get Pnr status once you do sms on the number 139 and make sure that you have all the information on your palm.   The thing is right from your information to fresh Food Delivery at Train; you can literally enjoy and experience everything in the realm of Indian Railways.

The concept of Waiting list tickets

Even if your railway tickets are on waiting list, that is absolutely fine. You can easily get the facility of PNR. Speaking of PNR, it means passenger name record. The number tells you about the present status of your ticket on waiting list or can even give you information about RAC i.e. reservation against cancellation queue.    Moreover, by any chance you have bought a WL ticket or an RAC ticket, you will be given a distinct 10-digit PNR number. In case you have booked your ticket already at last moment for a trip or journey and the ticket is in the waiting list; you should not panic. Yes, you must not get frightful because you can easily keep in touch with the information or updates through your PNR status.  Once you get through your passenger name record, you can avail the particulars right there.  The moment you fill in your PNR number on the official website of Indian Railways or other applications; every information would be there for you to obtain. In this way you don’t have to talk to different railway people, friends or relatives for inquiring for the train or tickets. Nor you have to go to the railway station for getting the information.

Do you feel that PNR helpful?

Yes, it is turning out to be a boon for everyone. since the cities are packed with traffics, days are filled with busy schedules and everyone has so much of burden to carry; it becomes a relief. When you don’t have to go to the railway station for booking your tickets, when you don’t have to visit and re-visit the railway station for inquiring about your tickets; everything becomes simpler. The thought of calling different railway people to inquire about the train timings, the platform and even ticket or seat availability; it all is so demanding. But congratulations you don’t have to face any of it. these provisions of Indian railways have made it easy for everyone through their numbers, apps and online platforms. Also, even the people with disabilities don’t have to rely on anyone else for booking their tickets as they can do it themselves form their home.


so, it is apparent that PNR number and other facilities provided by Indian Railways are doing wonders for the passengers. The landscape of Indian Railways has totally changed in past decade. the mazing trains and the facilities are doing great for the daily commute  of people at all levels.