Every detail you need to know about the apostille and attestation services

 The apostille is simply the certification of the document which are issued by the legal or regulatory authorities into a particular country and if a particular document has to be undertaken through the process of apostille then it will very well prove that document has been verified and is very much legal in terms of usage in the list of member countries. For every country there is a different kind of apostille service requirement and a list of countries where apostille will be accepted as the highest order of legalisation will be known as the Hague Convention.


 Following are the most important benefits to the nations whenever they will become the member of the apostille attestation services as per the convention:


  1. The documents which are to be apostilled into any of the countries for example Germany can be utilised into other nations as Poland because everything will be the same under that particular list and every nation will be following the right kind of rules and regulations.
  2. There is no need to get the attestation from the embassy because apostille is accepted as the highest level of legalisation into the nation which is the component of that particular convention list.
  3. If the apostilled document is older than six months then it is very much important for the people to go through the whole process once again and normally there are three types of verifications required in the whole process of getting the apostille stamp of the documents.


 The steps are mentioned as follows:


  • Notary from the authorised personnel
  • State authorisation from the concerned department of state or the SDM attestation service
  • Ministry of external affairs apostille service


 What are the cases in which the individuals need to get the state authentication as well as the Ministry of External Affairs apostille services?


 Every document in India will belong to one of the 29 states or the union territories possessed by India. So, everybody thinks that it is important to get the state attestation services first but normally it is very much time-consuming as well as costly which is the main reason that individuals need to move with proper planning through the organisations which come with apostille and attestation services for the people depending upon their overall situations. First of all the individuals have to check if the countries belonging to the nation list convention or not.



  • Case one: If the country is not on the list then the individuals will be required to get the state attestation services
  • Case two: If the country is on the convention list but it is Italy or Austria then the individuals need to get the state attestation services.
  • Case three: The documents from the states Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Goa need to get state attestation services in no regard if the country is belonging to the convention list or not.


 Hence, the authentication might take a lot of time which is the main reason that people must avail themselves the attestation services from the house of professionals in this particular area who will help in indulging in the right kind of procedures and will make sure that everything will be carried out in a hassle-free manner.