Different Window Replacement Oakville Types and the Suitable Places to Use Them At Home

Window Replacement

The most available types of window replacement Oakville units can fit suitably at any part of your home. Nevertheless, as a homeowner, you must understand the function and the advantage of each different type of window when used in varied parts of your home.

There are many types of windows and for each type; there is where they fit appropriately in different areas of your house. We researched and compiled the list of different windows replacement units for your exclusive home. Take a look.

  • Picture Windows

This type of window replacement Oakville unit is designed to give an attractive outdoor view and work perfectly at allowing the natural light from the outside into your house. Picture windows cannot be opened or closed because they are installed within a space. As such, they do not offer much in terms of ventilation since they do not open.

  • Double Hung Windows

These windows allow you to open them from either the bottom of the top since they have upper and lower sashes that are operable. Cleaning double-hung windows is also easy since some of them can be slanted inwards or even removed for cleaning. Double-hung windows can be installed in any area of your house and fit suitably and as such, most homeowners choose double-hung windows.

  • Slider Windows

These types of windows replacement units are the best if you are looking for a view that is clear with no possible obstructions for your house. Opening slider windows is done horizontally rather than vertically as it is the case for most windows. If a specific area in your house has a longer width than the height, then slider windows are the best choice of windows to choose. Regardless of the fact that only half the window can open at a time, slider windows are good at offering ample ventilation and light.

  • Transom Windows

Transom windows replacement units work as an accent beyond the main window or door making the home look appealing. These windows can be used as an addition to any window style and look great especially when placed above the main doors of your house. When the installation of transom windows is done correctly, they can maintain high privacy while allowing natural light to enter your house at the same time.

  • Hopper Windows

They hinge open from the bottom and when opened, they tilt inside. The most suitable area for hopper windows in your house is the bathroom for privacy. Hopper windows are the best option for allowing light and ventilation in basements.

  • Bay and Bow Windows

Bay windows are made of a large window at the center and two smaller windows at the side where the center window is like a picture window while the side windows are double-hung to provide ventilation. The side windows open to the outside. They are built in a design that adds more floor space to the inside of your house. This additional space can be used as a storage space or a study area.