Blender, How it is Used.

Blender, how it is used.

A kitchen blender is one of the most indispensable kitchen appliances. It comes very handy while making different purees and blending a variety of food items. It saves a lot of time and when combined with different accessories, it can act as a chopper or food processor as well. If you’re new to this amazing kitchen appliance and don’t know how to use a blender, we got you covered! Here we will not only tell you the correct way of using a food blender but discuss a handful of other useful information about it as well. So, without wasting any more time, let’s jump in!

Blender, how it is used.

There are millions of different types of food blenders in the market. From a basic blender to a more advanced one, you can get it according to your requirements and of course your budget. Because there are different types of food blenders, the best way to learn their correct use is referring to the user manual that comes with the product.

The capabilities vary from one blender to another, while some can be used for making purée, others can offer some extended processing features. In general, most of the blenders can blend, stir, purée, make thin batters, smoothies, paste etc.

They come with multiple setting speeds which are often labelled by numbers or as low, high and medium. If you’re not sure what setting to use, the safest bet is using pulse setting. You can perform most of your blending task on pulse mode itself.

How to Use a Blender?

Using a blender is one of the most simple and smart tasks. All you need to do is fill your blender jar and fix it onto the blender and set it to the desired speed. When you fill your ingredients in the jar, make sure to put the liquid ingredients at first and then add the other solid or dry ones.

Before adding fruit or vegetable or any other solid item to the blender, make sure to cut it into smaller pieces for an even purée. Also, don’t fill the jar up to the brim. There should be enough room for the food items to blend and expand. As a general rule of thumb, leave at least 1/3rd part of the jar empty. And when you’re blending thin liquids, fill the jar hallways only.

Blender, how it is used.

Be very careful while blending the hot liquids and before that, make sure whether or not your model is capable of blending hot items. If your machine is capable of doing so, then fill the jar halfway and allow the steam to pass before covering it with the lid. Now, start blending at the slow speed at first and keep increasing it afterwards. Also, use a hot pad for holding the hot lid.

Once you’ve filled your jar with the necessary ingredients, close its lid and secure it on the unit very nicely. Hold it from your hand and then start it. Don’t ever try to blend without holding the lid no matter how tight it is, it may result in a big mess. Also, don’t blend without putting the lid on for the same reason. And voila! This is how easy it is to use a food blender.

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