5 Steps to Beat a Federal Drug Charge

You may wonder how to get off a drug charge after an arrest. Don’t be scared; arrests that involve illegal drugs are quite common. The laws vary from state to state concerning the sale of certain controlled substances. It is vital to understand the charges against illicit drugs:

  • Dealing: the sale of illegal drugs on a small scale
  • Trafficking: transporting or importing illegal drugs
  • Paraphernalia: pieces of equipment used to prepare, inject, inhale or conceal illegal drugs
  • Possession: owning any controlled substance like cocaine and marijuana
  • Manufacturing and Delivery: production and distribution of an illegal drug

Legal vs Illegal Drugs

The legality of a drug is dependent on its usage. Any utilization of an unprescribed drug is dangerous and considered illegal regardless of whether the law has allowed it into the state. 

There is a thin line between illicit drugs and legal drugs used for the wrong purpose and thus a possible drug charge for both situations just in case you are found guilty.

Steps to Beating a Federal Drug Charge

1. Be Aware of the Charges Against You

Take note of the criminal charges that you are accused of committing. You are not guilty until you are proven guilty. The drug charge will be based on the facts, pending orders and legal and constitutional protections. Being aware of the charges against you will help in choosing how you will go about your case.

2. Hire a Drug Crime Defense Lawyer

What will happen is that the government will sneak questions to catch you as per the charges. Don’t fall prey that you end up giving too much information against yourself during a drug conspiracy. You can hire a lawyer for federal drug crimes to help you through the case.

3. Avoid Cooperating with the Government Before Getting a Lawyer

There is a high probability that there will be government searches and seizures after the charge. The government will be curious to get as much information as possible for the account. Don’t be tempted to cooperate with the government after a promise or two, especially before getting a lawyer, as you will have set yourself up for a massive failure.

4. Review the Prosecution Evidence

You have to be in full detail of what you are fighting against; gather all the information from the prosecution evidence to know where you and your lawyer will come in. You can also involve your valid pieces of evidence to strengthen the weight of your argument.

Avoid self-incriminating statements to play your cards well against their case. If the charges are that you were at a particular place at a specific time, you can renounce the allegations by saying you were elsewhere so that you can have the charges dropped.

5. Put Together a Captivating Defense

If you have been arrested for a drug offense, try not to destroy the evidence that proves you innocent of the charges. Search for evidence, separate the witnesses to be precise about what went down. 

Your attorney should be able to document everything from the evidence for a better fight against the charges. Also, try to ensure that the prosecution cannot provide the actual drugs that are the basis of the charges. If they have everything at hand, plan with your attorney how you will prove yourself guilt-free of the allegations.

Work with the Right Attorney to Get out of a Drug Charge

When arrested for a drug crime, your freedom is at stake. Please do not attempt to handle the case alone, as it can be overwhelming. An experienced drug defence attorney can assist you in fighting the drug charges.

Olivia Wilson

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