5 Celebrated Traditional Cocktails All Over the World

5 Celebrated Traditional Cocktails All Over the World

The essence of a classic cocktail is something that offers a blast in your palate. Whether you like something floral and elegant, fruity and refreshing, or strong with a pack of punch, there is always something to fulfill your needs.

The great thing about cocktails is you can design them according to your preference. But even with that versatility, some recipes spears through time and have proven to be a concrete solid choice.

So today we have come up with the list of top 5 famous traditional cocktails in the world that is offered as the base of some cocktails found in the best rooftop bar in marina bay sands in Singapore. These basic cocktails evolved into various drinks that are known to please the hearts of people throughout the years.

Scotch highball

Highballs are basically a family of drinks that consists of two main ingredients. The first is your spirit. And then you extend it with soda water or mineral water according to your preference. 

Historically speaking, the first highballs that first emerged were the Scotch highballs, approximately around the late 1800s. 

If you plan on adding more ingredients into it, you need to understand how the flavor profile works in order for the highballs to work. When you make this relatively simple drink, you want to use very cold soda or mineral water and a strong base of your preference. 

You need 2 ounces of scotch, your ginger ice, and a little over 4 ounces of soda water.

Old fashioned 

This is by far the most popular cocktails all around the world, and for good reasons also. It’s built holds the essence of the definition of cocktails. 

Cocktails are defined as the ‘potent concoction of the bitters, spirits, sugar, and water’. And that is exactly what old-fashioned is. There are various ways to make the old-fashioned. 

Today we are going to be covering the most preferred old fashion from bartenders all across the world.

The first thing that goes in your glass is a few dashes of the preferred bitters. Then one or two cubes of sugar are added along with a few dashes of soda water. This helps the sugar to dissolve with the carbonic acid and elevate the taste experience. The last part of the mix is around 2 ounces of spirits to provide the kick it deserves.

The beauty of the old-fashioned is that it is sitting on a rock. So, it is eventually going to melt slowly and dilute as you drink it. And the addition of orange peel makes the drink even more wholesome.



Martini is one of the most iconic drinks out there. And it is also responsible for giving birth to other iconic drinks over the years like Manhattan or the Martinez.

At first glance, Martini is a very simple cocktail. It is built up from a two to one ratio of dry vermouth and gin. But the choice of the gin and vermouth makes all the difference in the world.

Vermouth is basically a fortified wine with a blend of spices. This makes every vermouth unique in flavor and taste. And the chances of finding two alike vermouths are highly unlikely. So, this choice will heavily affect the final product you are getting.

The first part of the martini is 5 to 6 dashes of bitters, preferably orange bitters. Now one ounce of dry vermouth goes in to compliment the bitters. And two ounces of gin to lift the whole cocktail experience up. And to top things off comes the garnish of an orange twist.

To conclude 

That ends our list for 3 of the most iconic cocktails that serve at the base of many drinks all around the globe. And the Celavi rooftop bar in Singapore’s marina bay sands will elevate your cocktail experience to a new height.

You can enjoy the sky-high experience at Celavi with the classics and relish the moment of viewing the skyline of this beautiful city.

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