3 Ways To Attract Donors to Your Non-Profit

peer to peer fundraising

All businesses need to raise money in order to keep operations running, but nonprofits have a special type of challenge when it comes to fundraising. Nonprofits can sell goods, sure, but they generally rely on income from donors more than a for-profit small business would. This means that, while nonprofits use the same tactics as small business owners do, they also need to think of other ways to run fundraisers. By implementing the best ways to run fundraisers, nonprofits are essentially ensuring the future of their operations.

So, how can nonprofits find new donors and new customers to support their social fundraiser campaigns? There are a few ways in which to tackle this challenge. Let’s take a look at just three tactics.

1. Peer to peer fundraising is the most effective.


One great way to get donors interested in your organization is by using peer to peer fundraising. You already know who your target audience is—your target audience is made up of people who are similar to your current customers. So, if you know this already, why aren’t you using your current customers to turn their friends and family members into potential customers? Peer to peer campaigns are the most effective campaigns there are.

When you think about it, this makes a lot of sense. If someone is already a donor, they likely believe in the cause you’re championing. That belief makes it easy to influence friends and family members who may share a similar value system. By encouraging peer to peer fundraising, you’re sure to be far more successful than you would be if you spent time and money on the promotion of individual fundraisers.

2. Start a social media competition.


Another great way to boost business and generate sales in order to meet your budgetary and fundraising goals is to turn to social media. Remember the ice bucket challenge? That kind of viral social media marketing goes a long way towards your fundraising efforts. With so many people sharing the competition you’ve started with their peers, and tagging potential customers in their social media posts, you’ll be reaching a wider audience than you could have dreamed.

You’ll increase sales and see a boost to your bottom line, and all you have to do is start an engaging competition. It doesn’t have to be on social media, either. A walkathon is also an effective way of engaging new donors since it relies on peer fundraising techniques as well.

3. Make sure your online presence is on point.


On the same topic of social networking, one of the best practices you can implement is to have an online presence that can’t be beaten. This means being active on social networks, but it also means making sure that the donation page on your website is up to speed. A great website will speed up the collection of an email list, a tool that you can leverage to start an email marketing campaign as well. Adding testimonies and a sleek landing page doesn’t hurt, and you should always be looking at data analytics to see how your target audience is engaging with your marketing materials and other visuals.

Running a nonprofit comes with its own unique challenges and joys. In many ways, though, it’s like running any other small business. You have a customer base to rely on and can utilize similar marketing tactics in order to grow that customer base in a major way. The fact that you refer to your current customers as donors doesn’t necessarily impact the tactics that you will implement. What it does impact is the sense of urgency and dedication you feel towards your fundraising. The first step is to get your donors involved and passionate about fundraising as well. Before you know it, a whole lot of money will come rolling in, and you can make the change in the world you always dreamed of making.