Unique Gift Ideas for a New Mother

New Mother

The birth of a baby is delightful, not to mention how amazing it is to see family and friends share in this joy. Just as exciting are the unique gifts they bring to welcome the newborn. No doubt, it’s tempting to solely focus on the newborn when buying gifts. However, the new mother also needs some pampering.

New mothers are usually confronted with stress and depression after childbirth, so treating a new mom with thoughtful gifts will be a game-changer. That being said, choosing a unique gift for a new mom can also be stressful. Fret not. Below is a list of unique gift ideas to consider.

1. CBD Tinctures


In as much as the birth of a baby is a thing of joy and happiness, the new mom is usually faced with the stress of taking care of her child. From postpartum insomnia to chores and constant cries by the new baby, it’s no news that having a baby (especially for first-time moms) can be an overwhelming experience. This is often due to all the activities that follow. Adjusting to the new life can be nerve-wracking, so booking a session at the spa for relaxation is certainly not a great idea. This is because a new mom would most likely be unwilling to spend time away from her newborn. Since relaxation is important, the CBD tinctures should top your list.

CBD or Cannabidiol has therapeutic properties. What’s more, CBD tinctures are a great option for a new mom as it contains small amounts of CBD and other substances like water and essential vitamins. It also contains essential oils such as lavender, herbs, and melatonin. Gift her a CBD tincture for relaxation, and she will be grateful. Of course, always consult a physician about possible side effects and dosage before buying any CBD oils or CBD tinctures and taking them for the first time.

2. Breast Pumps

Studies have shown that breast milk is highly important for the growth of newborns, especially for the first six months of life. Despite the fact doctors usually recommend breastfeeding, this can easily overburden a new mom. Gifting her a breast pump (either a manual breast pump or electric pump) is ideal.

You can get the best manual breast pump, or electric breast pumps with unique designs from credible brands such as Spectra, Lansinoh, or Medela. These brands make breast pumps with massage cushions that aid milk flow and helps prevent overfull breasts.

Although Lactation consultants warn that there’s a downside to introducing bottle feeding earlier than 3-4 weeks of age, lots of new moms would see the breast pump as a lifesaver! Besides the numerous advantages of using a breast pump (like improving milk supply and relieving the breasts when they are overfull), when moms need a break or are ready to resume work after maternity leave, breast pumps are beneficial.

3. Diaper Bags


Another unique gift idea for a new mother is a diaper bag. It’s an indispensable item for nursing moms, as it helps in carrying baby essentials like a change of clothes, diapers, wipes, pacifiers, changing mats, and more. The diaper bag can be a backpack, a tote bag, or a messenger bag, depending on personal preference. When choosing a diaper bag as a gift for a new mom, always ensure that it’s easy to clean. Also, it should be spacious enough and come with an ergonomic handle.

4. Pretty Nursing Nighties

A primary need of a nursing mother is comfort. Given that babies need to be fed every 1.5 to 3 hours daily, it’s necessary to do this in comfortable clothing. A new mother will have to wake up at night to feed her newborn. So, opting for the best nursing nighties is a thoughtful gift idea.