British Virgin Islands Catamaran Charter

The British Virgin Islands are home to important islands such as Anegada, Tortola, Jost Van Dyke and Virgin Gorda. A suitable destination to take a few days off where you can not miss sailing on a virgin islands catamaran charter on each of its beaches.

The climate and the strategic location of BVI has been a privileged destination for sailing in a rental catamaran charter. In fact, its calm waters and breeze provide a good environment.

In BVI most of the forests are fig trees, mahogany trees and ferns. The most abundant animals are monkeys, and lizards. In addition, in one of its islands such as the Lesser Antilles, tropical fruits such as papaya, mango and coconut are found. In this sense, marine life is very diverse, in fact, it houses a variety of unique fish that are found around coral reefs.

Moreover, on the banks of the beaches that makes up the British Virgin Islands there are always excellent musical shows, as well as gift competition and activities of cultural and tourist interest. Where you will feel like a guest, but VIP type. No doubt this is only one of the great advantages that you have access to just rent a Virgin Islands catamaran charter for your vacation.

The word catamaran comes from a language spoken in Sri Lanka in which the term catamaran means “joined logs” tasting (package) and maran (trunk).

The catamarans are ideal to share with many people; since their living space and cabins capacity are greater than that they have on sailboats with the same length, helps to have more privacy for their passengers.

As the habitable zone is elevated, it is also a much brighter and more ventilated boat than a traditional sailboat.

Also, if we are one of those who get dizzy while sailing, a catamaran is one of the best solutions for us to continue enjoying the sea. Its movement of pitching and non-swinging has made the dizziness when sailing in this type of boats non-existent.

In summary, the Virgin Islands catamaran charter is the perfect option to have the first contact with the world of sailing, spend holidays with the family or simply enjoy the speed of sailing.