What cloud vendors will never tell you about QuickBooks hosting?

In the modern era, cloud has surely become one of the most talked about and used technological solution. There is no denial in the fact that cloud is no more a new kid on the block but still the use and applications of cloud computing solution is increasing at a very fast pace. You should know that now even small and medium sized businesses are using cloud computing solution in order to take advantage of the technological solutions that are leading most of the industries. And one such solution that is proving to be a magic wand for small and medium sized businesses is QuickBooks cloud hosting.

QuickBooks on the cloud is basically the hosted version of the same desktop QB that you have been using from many ages. In this solution, you just have to choose the best cloud vendor and then your desktop QB will be shifted to the public cloud server of the cloud hosting provider. Most of the people are aware about the basic benefits of this modern cloud accounting solution like multi-user access, global accessibility, heightened security, high uptime, scalability, flexibity and much more. But there are some hidden facts that cloud vendors will never tell you about the amazing QuickBooks hosting solution.

In this blog post we are going to unravel the hidden secrets of the cloud accounting solution so that you can make a more informed decision while shifting to the cloud and while choosing the cloud hosting provider.

The Intuit Authorization charge is added to your package

When you will begin your hunt for the best cloud hosting provider in the market then you will realize there are basically two types of cloud vendors; Intuit Authorized QuickBooks hosting provider and Non-Authorized QuickBooks hosting providers. There is nothing hidden in the price tag of the cloud package offered by non-authorized hosting providers but when it comes to authorized hosting providers then things are very different.

There is surcharge included in the cloud hosting package of authorized hosting providers and in most of the cases, this surcharge is of $5. All the hosting providers who get authorization from Intuit have to pay fee in order to maintain the authorization but the QB hosting provider will never pay this price from their pocket. Allt the cloud hosting package that will be offered to you will include a surcharge of $5 and you will have to pay this surcharge from your own pocket. This simply means that if the basic price of the cloud package is $50 then you will be charged $55 and that’s just because of the Intuit authorization.

Cheap cloud hosting providers can be the perfect match for your business

One of the biggest misconceptions in the cloud hosting market is if a cloud hosting provider is offering its cloud package at a very cheap price then they will never be able to provide good service. Well, you should know that the price tag never tells you about the quality of cloud hosting service offered by the cloud hosting provider.

There are many cloud hosting providers in the market that offer their cloud package at a relatively cheap price and you might be even surprised after seeing their price tag and comparing it with other cloud hosting providers but you should know that these cloud hosting providers can be the perfect match for your business and you will be able to get world-class cloud hosting service at an economical price. You will find many cloud hosting providers that will say that the price is the direct resemblance of the quality of cloud hosting service but you should never fall in such traps.

You can scale up or scale down your cloud package

Another important thing to know that you can easily scale up or scale down your cloud package as per your need. If your business is witnessing slow down then you can scale down your cloud package without changing the cloud hosting provider. And if you are witnessing growth in your business then you can easily scale up your cloud package just by putting a request to your current cloud vendor. This is another important thing that many cloud hosting providers will not tell you about QuickBooks on the cloud.

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