Things to Be Taken Care Off After a Bone Marrow Transplant

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 In case anybody has gone through a bone marrow transplant in India then one must think about the recovery process as soon as possible. One must focus on various things to have a faster recovery. Some of the main things which are to be taken care off have been mentioned as follows:

  1. Eating a good diet: This is the best method to get your strength back but this is not as easy as it sounds. One gets a lot of nausea, vomiting, sore mouth and even one does not feel hungry after these treatments. One must focus on calcium as it is important for Bone strength. One must eat foods, cheese, yogurt, spinach give the bones strong. Even things which are rich in phosphorus like chicken, fish, and beef are also important. One must also have a daily dose of vitamin D for early recovery. Potassium will help to work the cells in the manner they should and will keep the BP schedule steady. Fruits and vegetables like bananas, oranges, peaches, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes are a rich source of potassium.

 After Proper consultation with Dr, one can also go with the option of supplements but one must make sure that it does not have iron in. One must stay away from raw or under cooked eggs, fish, meat and unpasteurized raw milk.

  1. Exercise: regular activity will help in managing the weight and will also keep the heart healthy side-by-side will stimulate strength and stamina. One must consult the doctors about which exercise is good and which are not then one must begin with having regular small walks.
  1. Must not drink alcohol after a bone marrow transplant the liver does not work as well. This is caused by chemotherapy is on the medications. The liver will not be able to process it all so doctors recommend staying away from beer, wine and other spirits for a time.
  1. Taking the medicines: After a bone marrow transplant, the doctors will give many medicines to lower the chances that the body will reject these medications. There is also a chance of infection after the transplant because of all these things. So it is advised to take antibiotics to keep that from happening. Even there can be prescription of antifungal and antibacterial medications.
  1. Protecting from the sun: the skin is very sensitive after the transplant so one must protect oneself from the skin issues which are caused by the sun. One must use the sunscreen of SPF 50 and wear long pants and full sleeve shirts along with the hat while going out.
  1. Taking good care of the mouth: the mouth may be sore or dry after the transplant so it is very important to take good care of it. People must use a soft bristle brush and run it under hot water to kill the germs before putting it in the mouth.

 There are many hospitals that provide the best Bone marrow transplant in India and the patients must have some emotional support and must talk to the people around them so that they can recover easily and very well.

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