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Nowadays many commercials, industrial and household activities exist that require electricity to be performed. Some other activities also exist such as drilling, construction, film shooting, etc which needs electric power to function. Whenever the power supply gets affected by a power cut, these activities come to a grinding halt. In such cases, generators act as an external source and hence electric power come to the rescue.

There are many small and large manufacturers in the market who operates the Genset manufacturer industry. These manufacturers provide the best quality gensets that vary in sizes in compliance with Indian and international standards. Additionally, they also comply with guidelines and notifications issued by the central pollution control board in regard to various parameters such as noise and emissions. It requires heavy investment to produce best quality generators. There are basically two main types of generators which include diesel generators and gas based generators. Nowadays hybrid generators are also available in the market which depends on both solar and fuel energy.

The production of generators ranges within several categories that are based on KVA ratings. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • 5 KVA – 75 KVA
  • 1 KVA – 375 KVA
  • 1 KVA – 750 KVA
  • 1 KVA – 1000 KVA
  • 1 KVA – 2000 KVA
  • Above 2000 KVA

From these categories, 5 KVA to 75 KVA generators has most demand due to its application in various activities. These generators are available at very affordable prices in the market. These high rated generators are used in heavy-duty activities such as bore well digging and others.

Genset manufacturers also deal in portable generators that are being used across the country and also acts as a source of standby power in case of any power cut. These generators are basically produced by focusing on fuel efficiency and low cost of production. Get in touch with OVN to have more detailed information about the best Genset manufacturers.

The generator market has several important segments based on several parameters. These parameters include KVA ratings and end-user. End-user segment comprises of commercial generators, residential generators, and industrial generators. Industrial generators are basically used for manufacturing, energy generation, drilling, and mining and transportation purposes.

Industrial generator dealers are basically the main point of connection between the customer and end-user. They systematically connect with the end-user by making calls and attend leads generated by the generators manufacturer’s marketing efforts through promotional and advertising activities. They are mainly responsible for maintaining a relationship with the end-users and taking care of their systematic issue. Basically, a generator manufacturer helps the distributors’ efforts with support from a company representative dedicated to facilitating the end-user. In short, the dealers are the one who is the key point which decides the success and failure of the generator manufacturers’ business. They perform several tasks which include installation and periodic maintenance of generators. They also make sure that the services that are required to keep the generator running without any issues must be rendered.

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