All about PET CT Scan

All about PET CT Scan

The combination of a PET CT scan is generally relied on for the purpose of detecting cancer. Given the fact that the scan produces the cellular level images of a body part, the doctors can examine that part and observe if there is any cancerous growth there. They can also calculate the speed at which the cancer is spreading. This helps in detecting the early signs of cancer and working towards preventing them. The scan reports also serve the doctors as maps that guide them on what way they should carry forward the treatment of cancer with the help of chemotherapy and various other methods. The scan reports help them to understand where to begin the treatment.

In order to determine what is going wrong with a patient, doctors take the help of the process of PET CT scan. The process consists of two types of scans, which are CT scan and the PET scan. When the imaged produced by both kinds of scans are combined then a powerful image is formed that helps in understanding the abnormalities going inside the body and cells of a patient. Given the fact that the images coming as results of the scans are very intricate and detailed, they are generally used to treat problems in a cellular level only. However, the process can be used to detect any kind of inside damage including checking the condition of broken bones.

In case you are searching for pet ct scan centre in Mumbai then there are certain things you must keep in mind. First of all make sure that the hospital or clinic that you are thinking of getting your scan done is certified to do so. Only certified clinics can perform both PET and CT scans. You should then check the background of the clinic in order to make sure that it has been in the medical field for some years and is not just starting the business. Also, remember to take a look at the list of professionals of the clinic and check their credentials. Make sure that your scan will be done by some experienced professional and not by someone who is new to the field. You should then check the online rating of the clinic you are planning to get your scan done from. Online rating tells a lot about the services of a clinic. If the rating of the clinic is high then it means that it provided goo service and thus customers have rated it highly. However, you should not get lured to low rated services that offer to serve you at a cheap price. Such clinics compromise on the quality of the tests and you might end up with wrong test results.

Also check pet ct scan cost in Mumbai before finalising on any particular clinic. The charge that the clinic is asking should match your budget and then only you should proceed. Talk to the clinic or hospital authorities first to get a clear idea about the charges and be careful so there remains no hidden charge.

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